The single most important component of a self-funded health plan is stop loss insurance

Our clients rely on us for our extensive knowledge and preferred underwriting relationships to consistently deliver competitive stop loss solutions.

We think of ourselves as an extension of your team and manage the marketing process:


Our custom-built RFP platform is the fastest and most secure system in the industry. The days of excel spreadsheets are behind us. We do not miss a beat.


Our clients rely on our expert knowledge to help identify deductible trends, provide predictive analysis, and recommend suitable contract terms.


Leverage is power in negotiation. By leveraging our premium volume and our strong underwriting relationships we’re able to consistently deliver competitive stop loss.


The most critical step of binding coverage is assuring complete and adequate employer disclosure. Even the smallest grey area can impact future reimbursements. Trust our experience and our ability to secure iron-clad disclosure. Your clients will thank you!


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